Welcome to the Community Fridge Network Map!

You can use this site to search for Fridges and Food Hubs in your area. It’s great for finding out all the info you need to find a place to share surplus food, or if you are thinking of helping out at a Fridge near you!

You can search for Fridges either by scrolling around the map, or by typing in your postcode. Use the key to identify Food Hubs and Fridges near you, clicking on a Fridge will bring up opening hours, social media pages and contact details for groups.

What is a Community Fridge?

A Community Fridge is a space where anyone can share food to combat food waste, either by bringing food to leave in the fridge or by taking food from the fridge to use themselves. They are welcoming spaces open to all. Hubbub supports community groups to set up these Fridges so they can create spaces where people can come together to eat, learn new skills and most importantly, stop good food from going to waste.

Is there a Community Fridge near me?

So far there are over 400 Community Fridges across the UK, check out the map to find the nearest fridge to you!

What impact do Community Fridges have?

In 2021, we estimate the Community Fridge Network redistributed around 3,150 tonnes of surplus food (that's the same as 7.5 million meals!*) and we welcomed over 1 million visits from 250,000 visitors. With each fridge sharing an average of 2.1 tonnes of food per month, the collective impact of the Community Fridge Network is huge. This is important not just because of all the free tasty goodness being shared but also because if food waste were a country, it would have the third highest greenhouse gas emissions behind only China and the US.

Sounds like a cool idea. How can I get involved?

There are three main ways you can get involved:

  • 🍎 Use the fridges.

    Find your nearest fridge and collect free food that would otherwise go to waste.

  • 🎁 Donate food.

    If you’re a retailer, café, restaurant, or any business with surplus food, you can donate it to our fridges. Even if you just have food at home that you won’t eat, you can donate that too!

  • Volunteer your time.

    The success of the Community Fridge Network is down to the amazing volunteers who make it tick. Find your local fridge on the map and contact them directly to see if they are looking for a helping hand.

What if I want more information about my local fridge?

Please contact them directly! Hubbub coordinates the network and offers support to local community groups who run them independently. You can find out more about the Community Fridge Network and other campaigns on our website.

How do I set up a Community Fridge?

Want to help fight food waste in your community? You can find more information on how to get started by going to the Hubbub website and downloading the How to Guide.

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